Discover the possibilities of new radio networks for the Internet of Things, how to do things

LPWANs are part of the 5G networking concept and companies don't know much about their unique capabilities. Get to know them before the competition

A free IoT audit of the company

We will find a call time that works for all of us, so we can answer all your questions.

    1. Free consultation.
      Together we’ll assess the possibilities of your company using IoT.

    2. After reaching an agreement, we will test and verify the identified IoT opportunities.

    3. Project implementation/delivery of technology and hardware.

    4. Optimising your data collection and business development.

    Receive data or control things from locations where it hasn’t been technically possible or uneconomical to do so

    Unique features of new radio networks. LPWANs are part of the 5G networking concept and companies don’t know much about their unique capabilities.

    • Simple sensor installation

      • Just put the sensors in the place where they are supposed to work.
      • The sensors don’t need any cables installing for power or internet.
      • When the activation button is pressed, the sensor works immediately.
    • They work even where others have limits

      • High radio signal penetration through building elements.
      • Radio signal range 10-15 km.
    • Low investment costs

      • No additional investment (cables, power, routers, etc.)
      • Low sensor manufacturing costs.
      • Low connectivity fees.
    • Cyber security

      • The devices don’t connect to the internal data network.
      • Data transmission is secured at both the network and application layers.
      • Hacking the device is virtually impossible. The downlink data channel is opened randomly, for a very short period.

    How to use LPWAN in your business

    1. Add IoT sensors to your corporate ecosystem

      Simple, flexible and inexpensive

    2. Get data over LPWAN radio networks and NETLIA cloud

      You don’t have to do anything for that, we’ll take care of it

    3. Analyse data

      Either you can handle the analysis or we can help you

    4. Translate your analysis results into improvements in your corporate ecosystem

      In the form of organisational measures or add IoT controls or we can help you

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    Why work with us

    1. 6 years’ experience

      We have been using LPWAN radio technology since the beginning of the first commercial deployments of this technology in the world.

    2. Hardware a firmware

      We develop the hardware and firmware and can therefore adapt their features to the solution requirements.

    3. Connectivity

      We will select the most suitable type of radio network, provide connectivity and data processing. We can also install and operate local LoRa networks.

    Free online consultation

    Scope of cooperation for LPWAN deployment in your company

    Proof of concept

    Complete solution

    Smart boxes for LPWAN

    Because we develop smart boxes, we can adapt their features to specific applications.
    Connectivity to LPWAN networks.

    Connectivity to LPWAN networks

    We have connectivity to LPWAN in 19 countries in Europe and in another 8 countries on other continents.

    NETLIA cloud application

    Comprehensive data and event visualisation platform. Significantly simplifies Proof of Concept. The client can see the data from the installed boxes immediately. NETLIA Cloud runs on Google Cloud Platform.

    Data processing and data transfer to users via NETLIA API

    We translate the sensor data into a standard JSON format for use in analyses and user applications. The NETLIA API provides not only user data but also some operational information (connectivity failure, low sensor battery, sensor error status, etc.).

    Data analysis

    Our interest is that the data serves our clients. Therefore, we are ready to actively participate and cooperate in finding their practical use.

    User application development

    We will build on the core of our NETLIA Cloud application, which we will customize and extend according to your requirements.

    We provide financing

    We work with a global leasing company. The minimum price to be financed is € 1,000.

    In which countries Netlia devices have connectivity

    1. Device LPWAN
    2. Coverage VPN
    3. Netlia cloud API
    4. Application


    • Austria
    • Belgium
    • Czech Republic
    • Denmark
    • Estonia
    • Finland
    • Germany
    • Greece
    • Hungary
    • Italy
    • Ireland
    • Malta
    • Netherlands
    • Norway
    • Portugal
    • Romania
    • Spain
    • Slovenia
    • United Kingdom


    • Australia
    • Malaysia
    • New Zealand
    • South Africa
    • Taiwan
    • Srí Lanka
    • United States
    • Vietnam

    Coverage map

    Netlia has radio connectivity Netlia is able to extend connectivity